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Imagine . . .

A world where it is easy to be Positively Healthy!  Where the default choice is the Positively Healthy one!  Where the spaces we live in are Positively Healthy and life-enhancing!  

Instead, our best-laid health plans are sabotaged daily—at home, in school, at work, and in our communities.  Our spaces tempt and tantalize by luring us with the seemingly easier choice.  Why walk when we can ride?  Why not snack when the food is right there?  Why not skip recess when academics seem more important?  Why stand when we can sit?  Why exercise when we can watch a game where someone else is exercising?  Why have face-to-face interactions when we have electronics beckoning?

Picture a beautiful ornate staircase beckoning you to a bygone era. The carpet is rich, the balustrades ornate, the staircase prominently situated.  Around a corner down the hallway is an elevator.  It is dark and small and difficult to find. Which will you choose?  The stairs? Or the elevator?

Now picture a beautiful glass elevator that gives a vista of the atrium as it ascends and descends.  The fire escape stairs are somewhere tucked out of sight . . . and they don't look very clean, safe, or inviting.  Which will you choose? The elevator? Or the stairs?  

In both cases, the default choice—the most prominent and inviting choice—is the easiest choice to make without even thinking.  These default choices we make every day based on our environment—based on our spaces.

Imagine . . . Positively Healthy Spaces

What is your home, school, work place, and community default?  Are your spaces conducive to being Positively Healthy?  Do your spaces invite healthy eating? Redemptive relationships? Active living?  Brain plasticity? Optimal learning? Greater workplace productivity? Restful sleep? Time with God? Fellowship and intimacy? 

What Does Research Reveal?

Lifestyle Medicine addresses the whole of one's life—the episome and the exposome.  A growing body of evidence-based research clearly shows the association between one's spaces and one's health—even down to the level of one's epigenomes that are activated/deactivated by one's spaces.  This not only affects the individual now, but also the epigenetic makeup of one's children and grandchildren yet to be born! 

How May I Help You?

As a concierge lifestyle medicine specialist, I would love to step into your spaces and help you to make them Positively Healthy by default.  Each of us have different needs and situations.  I'd like to work together with you to discover how your spaces can enhance your whole-person health and wellness.  


In your home . . . we will explore each room and your patterns of living, eating, sleeping, exercising to discover your default and to make it Positively Healthy.  Ready to do some home remodeling?  Let's work together to design evidence-based Positively Healthy Spaces to enhance your daily living and well-being.

In your school setting. . . we will look at the whole of school spaces—schedule, physical activity, time spent sitting, food landscape, social relationships, as well as the built environment—to see how we can optimize a Positively Healthy default for the students using the latest in evidence-based research.

In your workplace . . . we will together explore the current default for eating and snacking, active vs. sedentary, standing vs. sitting, nourishing vs. stressful, as well as the built environment, room arrangement, and ambience. Together we will re-create a workplace that is Positively Healthy uniquely for your organization encouraging brain health and productivity.

In your community . . . the potential for Positively Healthy Spaces is endless and the impact is far-reaching to the members of the community and beyond.  Together we'll discover the current defaults for lifestyle health, build on the positive, and seek to creatively replace the non-healthy defaults with exciting new ones—whole-food plant-based options when dining out, community brain enhancing venues including the arts and social gathering, community church involvement, innovative active fun, and the built environment that makes active the safe and fun default. 

Contact me now to see how your spaces can become Positively Healthy Spaces!

Imagine . . . Positively Healthy Spaces

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