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Karen J. Holland DrPH PhD(c) MPH DABLM BCC


I am a Board-Certified Lifestyle Medicine Specialist, a global sub-speciality of the American College of Preventive Medicine, with the first boards offered in October 2017.

I work exclusively with those who want to be Positively Healthy in all areas of their life using individualized cutting-edge evidence-based medicine strategies that are sustainable and fun. I partner with my clients to treat, reverse, and prevent chronic lifestyle diseases.   I also come alongside those in the black pit of betrayal trauma to bring hope, healing, and Positively Healthy Intimacy 

In addition, I work with schools and communities to create default healthy environments that naturally encourage whole-person healthy lifestyles.  I also provide consultations for whole-life change to corporations who want to reduce their insurance costs and increase their workplace productivity by improving employee wellness. 

Quick facts about me...

 „More than 35 years experience as a medical professional and educator

-  Diplomate of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine

 Masters & Doctoral degrees in Public Health—emphasis in Health Education

-  Current PhD candidate in Leadership—emphasis in Health Behavior Leadership

-  Board-certified Coach specializing in health & wellness, nutrition, and relationships

-  Positively Healthy Intimacy betrayal trauma specialist using the partner trauma model

-  Positively Healthy Spaces consultant, planner, and designer

-  Whole-Foods Plant-Based Chef and Educator providing nutrition and cooking      

    seminars for individuals and groups around the world . . .  as well as the local

    community outreach of the Whole-Foods Plant-Based Supper Club on Hilton Head

    Island, SC

-  International Motivational Speaker and Lecturer

-  Published Author in peer-reviewed medical journals

-  Peer-Reviewer for medical journals

-  Co-Medical Director of Camp AuSable—a private Christian summer camp

World Traveler constantly learning and discovering new and creative ways to eat

     and live Positively Healthy

Medical and humanitarian worker in over 10 countries 

-  Marathon runner and tri-athlete...snow skier and cyclist, too

-  Music lover: pianist, vocalist, and cellist for the Holland Family String Quartet

-  Inveterate learner and reader

-  Mother of three wonderful daughters and two delightful sons (in-law)

-  Grandmother of five sweet little girls

-  Happiest when my home is full of family and/or friends

-  Grateful for being so blessed by God

Our Problem...

Our problem is that whether we are young and single, in the thick of marriage and family building, career-oriented, or enjoying our retirement years, almost all of us settle for feeling good enough instead of feeling fabulous.  We survive but don’t thrive


We settle for chronic lifestyle diseases as the norm instead of reversing and proactively preventing the 80% of all diseases that are specifically caused by faulty lifestyle choices.  We fall short of what we could really be—Positively Healthy 

The Solution...

I solve this by coming alongside my clients and working with them to create an individualized program that maximizes their whole-person health potential and is sustainable and fun.  The journey to Positively Healthy is one of discovery, creativity, enjoyment, and success!

My focus is to help my clients obtain optimal whole-person health by providing evidence-based lifestyle medicine strategies, knowledge, accountability, empathy, and coaching in the core areas of nutrition, fitness, relationships, betrayal trauma, emotions & brain health, and spiritual health—all specifically tailored to one’s individual needs.  Imagine how Positively Healthy you could be in just 12 short weeks!


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