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A deep and profound friendship

within an enduring reciprocal relationship,

a close familiarity that affects one's innermost being,

rooted in a sense of commitment and belonging,

which results in confidence

and positive cognitive, affective, and physical closeness.

Holland et al. 2016

Positively Healthy Relationships & Intimacy

How Healthy Are Your Interpersonal Relationships?

  • Your Marriage?

  • Your Dating Relationships?

  • Your Family Dynamics?

  • Your Friendships?

  • Your School and/or Work Relationships?

Time for a Relationship Check-up?

Is your marriage on shaky ground? Are you experiencing Betrayal Trauma?  Are your friendships rocky?  Are your family dynamics full of dissension and bickering?  Are you stuck in the rut of the mundane?  Have you lost sight of what you once cherished? Are there walls where there were once bridges? Do you feel alone even though surrounded?  Is there more giving than receiving?  Are you mired in the muck of narcissism?    Are you surviving when you could be Thriving?


Wouldn't you like to share your heart and feel Safe?  To feel Loved and Understood?  To learn to Communicate with Redemptive words? To know you Belong? To feel Confident in your relationships?  To live in Peace and Harmony?  To Thrive and have Positively Healthy Intimacy?

Hope for Betrayal Trauma Healing!


Are you mired in the deep dark pit of betrayal trauma? Are you broken and hurting?  You are not alone.  As we journey together using the Partner Trauma Model and evidence-based research, you will find hope and healing. 

Did You Know...?


Interpersonal relationships are a powerful determinant of health and a cornerstone of lifestyle medicine.  Research shows that social support and feeling connected can help people:

  • control blood sugars

  • maintain a healthy weight

  • improve cancer survival

  • decrease cardiovascular mortality

  • decrease depression

  • mitigate PTSD

  • improve mental health

(Martini, Pegg, & Frates, 2017)

The impact of relationships emerge in childhood and cascade throughout life to foster cumulative advantages or disadvantages to health and well-being.  (Umberson & Martez, 2010)

Gratitude and forgiveness are two of the most powerful predictors of marital satisfaction.  (Holland et al., 2015)

How May I Help You?

There is hope!  There is healing!  You can Thrive and be Positively Healthy!  One Tree at a Time...!

I have done extensive research in the field of intimacy, relationships, and narcissism.  My findings have been published in peer-reviewed journals. I also have lived through the betrayal and loss of a great love, the demise of a marriage, the ripping apart of a family, and the muck of narcissism.  I have found through it all that there is Hope, Healing, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Joy.  I have also found the power of Advocacy and the unending faithfulness of God.   

Isn't it time for you to become Positively Healthy in your marriage? Your friendships?  Your family? Your school/work?  We can't change our past, but we can be the architects of our future!  Contact me NOW to start anew to build Positively Healthy relationships.  You too can not just survive, but Thrive . . . One Tree at a Time!

When you arise in the morning think what a precious privilege it is to be alive–

to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.

Marcus Aurelius

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