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Emotional Thermostat

Emotional Thermostat Check!

Have you paused lately to check your emotional thermostat?  

It's not something we often do.  

Life is busy.  We're surviving.  Gotta keep doing. . .  


Then one day we wake up sick!  

In the down time we realize how lonely, depressed, isolated, disconnected,

and empty we are.  

Or we find ourselves feeling angry, tense, powerless, overwhelmed. 

Research shows that in order to truly treat/heal chronic lifestyle diseases

we must also address the deeper individual emotional issues.  

When lifestyle choices are seen as life-enhancing,

then we will be much more ready to adopt Positively Healthy behaviors

rather than self-destructive ones.


What is your emotional thermostat set on?  

Does it need a Positively Healthy reboot?  

Are you stuck when it comes to identifying or talking about your feelings?

Are you not even sure what you are feeling?  

Are you stuck in a fog—or in a black hole of despair?  

Have you lost YOU?


Why not get started TODAY to create

Positively Healthy emotional neural pathways?

Your Positively Healthy best self is just waiting to emerge! 


Contact me TODAY!

Whatever is true

whatever is honorable

whatever is just

whatever is pure

whatever is lovely

whatever is commendable

if there is any excellence

if there is anything worthy of praise

think about these things.

Philippians 4:8

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