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How's Your Brain Health?

Most of our lives have been impacted in some way

by Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia.

My father-in-law was a brilliant highly-educated man

who was reduced by Alzheimer's to being like a simple dependent child.

 In his lucid moments he would clearly articulate the loss of dignity and personhood he was experiencing.

 It was heartbreaking to watch his downward spiral despite our best efforts.  


If only we would have known then what we know now!

There is HOPE!  

Positively Healthy lifestyle choices can prevent 90% of Alzheimer's and dementia!

The earlier we start—the better!

 What wonderful news!  

We can start making Positively Healthy lifestyle choices


that will ensure healthy vibrant minds


Brain Health

Imagine...Hilton Head Island — A Healthy Minds Initiative

Drs. Dean & Ayesha Sherzai, of Loma Linda University, world-renown neurologists and researchers, are the authors of NY Times best-seller "The Alzheimer's Solution." Their evidence-based N.E.U.R.O. Plan—Nutrition, Exercise, Unwind, Restorative Sleep, Optimize—is the foundation for optimal brain health.  The Healthy Minds Initiative is a non-profit community-based collaborative for intentional brain health. 

We have teamed together to create Imagine...HHI — A Healthy Minds Initiative with the vision and purpose of making brain-healthy lifestyle choices the fun and sustainable default choice for Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry.  Our lovable logo, Brainy, is set to help identify N.E.U.R.O. resources in our community that are brain healthy.  Watch for the upcoming island-wide launch! What can YOU imagine?

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